November 23, at July 29, at Be sure to check for compatibility with your own computer. I am having the same issue as Susan Johnston. Can you use sew what pro on more than one computer? I have the same problem right now!

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You can also change the boldness, size, etc of the fonts. Baasic already have quite a few designs and fonts but have to process each one at a time except for fonts that came on my babylock. I am having trouble viewing my files on my Brother PE from a zip drive. By entering your email address you agree to recieve news and ped basic usb writer information from Brother International Corporation.

It will delete the whole color, prd just part of it. November 5, at May 26, at 6: I downloaded a sew art for a 30 day free trial but only had 3 days with it then had to buy it.

THen once you get the hang of it, you could use SWP to merge a name or initials with the design. Will this work with SWP instead of monogram ped basic usb writer or letter it?

Brother PED-Basic Embroidery Software w/ blank card & USB reader/writer box

You can select View, Album Icons — that will open the folder on the right side so you can click on the letters you need. Hi I bought sew what pro awhile back through you. We try to differentiate ped basic usb writer fonts and letters since SWP will handle both.

I would appreciate any information you would be willing to share. Can i type a name or monogram in embrilliance express, save it, and then merge that with a design in SWP? May 21, at July 18, at 2: March 8, at 3: November 27, at I will ped basic usb writer await your reply. January 25, at I feel there are enough regular embroidery groups that answer general questions so we stick with dedicated support to the Sew Programs.

Brother International – Home Sewing Machine and Embroidery Machine

Merge Your Own Designs. Please continue ush have these classes for me and all the others that enjoy them” – Sharon. Port 1 available USB, ver. August 12, at 1: Have you ped basic usb writer the tutorial videos?? On the right you see the thread chart and of steps in this particular design.

October 23, at What I want to know is after splitting a design, adding the anchor isb when Ped basic usb writer go to save it how do I make the anchor points be saved to both pieces? September 13, at May 18, at 7: Thanks for the advice. Not sure if Embird does everything?

Sew what pro is a digitizing program to get design ready to be stitched. You might use SWP to do the combining writerr designs.