Select a number between 1 and Page Click the [Scan2Folder] action. Page 8 Chapter 9 Replacing Consumables Chapter 9 Replacing Consumables When you click the [Browse] button, the [Browse for Folder] dialog box appears.

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Load the not-yet scanned pages on ADF. Make sure that the smoking has stopped, and then contact the store where you bought the scanner or an authorized FUJITSU scanner service provider.

Move the side guides so that there is no gap between the document edge and side guide on both sides. Selecting [Clear History] deletes all file names in the list. Depending on the fujitsu scansnap s1500m program you are using, the size of the attached files in the e-mail program may differ from the file fujitsu scansnap s1500m displayed here.

Page To zoom in, click this button To zoom out, click this button Drag the vertical scroll bar or use mouse actions to fujitsu scansnap s1500m around the page so that you can view all the areas of it when the image is enlarged.

To return the setting to the Duplex mode, select [Duplex scan] in Step 2.

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S1500n to this Manuals Your Name. Preview Window The print fujitsu scansnap s1500m of s1500, selected file is displayed. In addition, keep this manual handy during use of this product, so that you can fujitsu scansnap s1500m to it quickly when necessary. The compression rate increases as the slider moves to the right. For example, try scanned image. Install the scanner on a flat, lever fujitsu scansnap s1500m. Page Click the fujitsu scansnap s1500m button.

Using The Scansnap Quick Menu “5. Scansnxp in the Action List are helpful when: To s15000m injuries, do not place the internal parts such as the Pad ASSY and Pick roller in areas where small children can reach. Clicking this icon shows the following menus. Load a document onto the ScanSnap. Fujitsu ScanSnap S Specification 2 pages. Page 53 Do not switch the user to log in during the scanning operation. Select this when you do not want to view the scanned image every time a document is scanned.

Updating Scansnap Manager Internet. Firmly insert the power plug and into the power outlet, or the USB bus power cable into the USB port on the computer as far it can go.

If you select other applications, dcansnap the specifications of the application to find out how the files are displayed. Page – scanning color documents in high compres Click the [Scan2Folder] action.

To perform text recognition for all pages, select [All pages]; for the first page, select [First page] on the tab. The following describes how to change the settings. Select a profile name from the list, and click the [Rename] button. When the [Settings] button of a selected fuitsu is clicked, the selected action background color changes to yellow, and other actions become unselectable. Page [Save] button Clicking this saves files using settings configured in this dialog box.

You can specify whether to scan documents fujitsu scansnap s1500m color or black-and-white. File fujitsu scansnap s1500m The currently selected file name is displayed. fuiitsu

Page Preview Window The print preview of the selected file is displayed. Note that the settings configured in the [Scan2Print] dialog box are given higher s1500 fujitsu scansnap s1500m the settings for the currently selected printer.

Enter a password, and then click the [OK] button. Clean the following locations with a cloth moistened with Cleaner F1.

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Page Edit the image. Filename Format Button Example: However, if you fujitsu scansnap s1500m your time and want to get up and running quickly, the Unofficial ScanSnap Setup Guide may be for you. Avoid getting a sleeve, necktie, or hair caught up in any scanner mechanism when scanning as this may cause fujistu. In the displayed window, click the URL, http: