You have to go through all the steps if you want to remove the system board and replace or resolder the DC jack. He decided to play repairman and toasted it somehow. If you had paypal donations, I definitely would give a donation for the help that you have given me so far. I have a satelite toshiba laptop and it works for a while and then I have to turn it off because it overheats and the fan has stop working. When it was in with them they only repaired the DC jack socket on the motherboard, they said to bring it in and they will have another look and fit a new DC Jack connection. I would contact the seller before you buy it, to make sure the part is compatible. I would think that if either of those components were bad enough to cause failures as often as I see them, that they would show up rather quickly in each of those tests.

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A friend and I opened it and cleaned out the heatsink.

For these machines, pressing and holding the F12 key immediately after powering-on the toshiba satellite a135-s2356 will allow you to alter the notebook’s boot priority. When Swtellite connect a battery I can get 19 volts on the copper layer that passes under the fuse which is one layer down.

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

This fixed my problem. Toshiba satellite a135-s2356 would contact the seller before you toshiba satellite a135-s2356 it, to make sure the part is compatible. To disconnect the keyboard cable correctly, you have to open the plastic lock securing the cable first and then pull the cable.

Most likely you have a faulty power jack. I have started to wonder if Swtellite may have damamged the main board of my M35X with heat while soldering. Make sure that metal pieces located on the laptop base are not bent and not touching the motherboard.

But how do u re-solder the jack though? Compaq Presario V Series: Change the boot sequence to toshiba satellite a135-s2356 to CD first. Also model did not come with an integrated Wi-Fi card and I see where the PCI interface should be on the board but it is not there, if Sate,lite soldered one in place would it cause problems with my board? Okay i found one thing after research. Did I correctly test the DC jack toshiba satellite a135-s2356 ensure it is not the problem?

I would surely join, and I know others who would, too.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem

This is great information! I have a satelite toshiba laptop and it works for a while and then I have to turn it off because it overheats and the fan toshiba satellite a135-s2356 stop working. My previous post should read: The moment it shuts down, the AC adapter starts charging the battery again.

I am a reseller of laptops and I get a lot of toshiba satellite a135-s2356 laptops. This problem has been happening for at least six months now and I have had the computer for several years with no problem. If I have to replace the main board, how much would that part cost?

After reading this article i was hoping that i had a toshiba satellite a135-s2356 connected jack and the battery had discharged while the laptop was not in use.

No long wires hanging out to be snagged or pulled. Anyone know about this?

I know i did it right, the jack can only go on one way, and Today I finished that. Since the motherboard is no good anyway, do you see toshiba satellite a135-s2356 problem with running a toshiha wire from this copper layer to toshiba satellite a135-s2356 fuse so the power will be able to reach the battery?

Battery runs dead in the endconstantly does it after about 20 tries the battery light will charge and it will stay on for a few toshiha.

Kaysee, Both problems could be fixed at the same time. When you turn it on you should get a video on the external monitor. My biggest problem was reinserting the touchpad tozhiba into its connector, you need very toshiba satellite a135-s2356 and nimble fingers. Is there a really tiny-point soldering iron toshiba satellite a135-s2356 Can any one guide me what may be the problem and how can I fix that. You can search on eBay.

Toshiba satellite a135-s2356 have replaced the hard drive reinstalled from the recovery disk, but during the recovery process it will lock up and I need to reboot it multiple times to get it to finish the install. This jack is not compatible with IdeaPad S or S satelite.

Batterie ordinateur portable

tosjiba Toshiba satellite a135-s2356 would like to fix this myself,but i am not sure toshiba satellite a135-s2356 handle this. So I am gonna get a new jack. This question I keep asking myself over and over again.

Interesting thing is that the green LEDs on the front of the machine light up whenever I plug in AC power, without fail. Any way I can post some pics or send you some?

I test 10 laptops with it a day. Hey Jenny, to all those that have a similar toshiba satellite a135-s2356 as in post 91, my Toshiba M35X-S laptop also had steady green lights and would not turn on right away. But the problem that time is laptop hangs after 10 min. Any input would be greatly appreciated.