Select Line Monitor, and then press the button. Select Network and Internet. Lift the printer and move it gently. ID Card Copy Prints the original pages onto one sheet of paper in the original size. Lower the levers to their original position. Page Path For Computer To store the scanned document in the share folder directly without creating any subfolder, leave the space blank. Page 70 Click OK.

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The window to select a printer appears, which displays the printer name, printer connection ports, and printer status. Does not perform multiple-up fuji xerox docuprint 204a. To change the time interval between redials and the number of redial attempts, see “Redial Delay” on page “Number of Redial” on page The default is 3.


Does not fuji xerox docuprint 204a faxes sent from unwanted numbers. Overview Of Printer Connection And Software Installation Overview of Printer Connection and Software Installation Read this section to know the overall steps to complete the printer connection and software installation.

Adjusting Color Registration The following procedure uses Windows 7 as an example.

Setting the Scan Resolution You may want to change the scan resolution depending on the way you plan fuji xerox docuprint 204a use the scanned image. Printing a Report The following reports may be useful when using fax: Select a printer or click The printer that I want isn’t listed. Do not use a damaged or uninsulated cord to avoid the risk of electric shock and a fire accident.

You can adjust the sharpness to make the copy sharper or softer than the original.

Refer to the following article docupring update all the fuji xerox docuprint 204a available. To scan documents and save them, follow the steps below: Other Problem Problem Action Condensation has occurred This usually occurs within several hours after you heat the room in inside the printer. Fax Problems Problem Action The printer is not working, there is no Unplug the power cord and plug it in again.

These lead to paper jams and can cause damage to the printer. See the instructions below.

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If you have already established printer connection, see “Using Installer to Install Software” on page 64 to install the print driver and software immediately. Fuji xerox docuprint 204a to the Setup Guide for more details. Other cleaning materials may result in poor performance of the product. Speaker Volume Select Fax Settings, and then press the button. Make sure that the printer is turned on.

Get all the latest information on Events, Sales and Offers. Check if the interface cable is docupint connected or your computer does not have any problem. Select the desired properties including brightness and fuji xerox docuprint 204a, and then click OK. Sets the PostScript 3 Compatible communications protocol automatically. This section describes how to set the paper size and type on the operator panel. Click Additional Drivers and select the operating systems of all network clients using this printer.

Fuji xerox docuprint 204a the computer and the printer with the Fuji xerox docuprint 204a cable. Open the ADF cover. Printing A Report The following procedure uses Windows 7 as an example. Anyone on your network can access the printer using the CentreWare Internet Services. Darken1 Makes the fax darker than the original. No matter how you want to transform your business, Fuji Xerox is the right partner to keep you on track.

Sending A Delayed Fax Once the Delayed Start mode is activated, your printer stores all the documents to be faxed to its memory and sends them at the specified time. The patterns provided with your printer are shown below: Adjust the color registration before using your printer.


When an error or warning condition occurs, the touch panel displays a message informing you of the problem. Loading An Original Document On The Document Glass If fuji xerox docuprint 204a are faxing a page from a book or magazine, lift the document cover until its hinges are caught by the stopper and then close the document docupint.

Collated to Uncollated on the operator panel.


Ethernet cable and hardware are not included with your printer and must be purchased separately. To avoid the risk of burn injuries and electric shock, never touch the area with the “High Temperature” docprint “High Voltage” marks on.

To specify the resolution level to be used for fax transmission. Use a broom or a wet cloth to wipe off the spills. To find out more, please visit our online support at http: No Auto Print Does not automatically print a fax activity report.