Minimize the laptop as much as you can as I suggested in the post. Took out a bad memory module and got my laptop back. Nanor Dec , No screen on startup. I have an Acer Aspire laptop just out of warranty and it is powering on with fans running and lights displaying but not booting up. It didnt respond to ctrl,alt. The laptop starts but there is no backlight.

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I definitely am impressed with the solution hp pavilion dv9720us xp LEDs work, normal noises, but no hd activity. The “pull the plug and hp pavilion dv9720us xp and hold power” trick mentioned here is not working. Bad connection between the video cable and motherboard. Take a closer look at the button on the hp pavilion dv9720us xp bezel. This also worked on a Dell Inspiron – bonkers! Initially disappointed, I came to work and browsed some forums and came across this and the solution totally worked.

There is no time limit to switch it on. Judy – Nov 25, at If the upper side of the screen works properly, most likely this is bad screen. Babe – May 6, at I have problem with sony vaio vgn cs11z,its lcd screen displays horizontal purple lines at the bottom of screen. Doogle – Mar 21, at ICEZ – Jun 8, at Removing the battery, hard drive, DVD drive and other components you can easily access.

Thanks alot for the tip truvu17 had this problem with my sisters laptop, tried everything I could think off to fix it. OMG your a genius!!! Sounds like a problem with the motherboard. I saw some guy use a heat gun on hp pavilion dv9720us xp to fix the problem by using a heatgun to blow on the mobo, so it will resoulder the parts together.

If the laptop requires 19 volts, you must use 19 volts. The power button issue is not new, I have to do a song and dance to boot the computer up.

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot.

Jose, Take a closer look at the power jack. I think and hope it might be the battery but I dont have a way of testing it and I was thinking if its ok to just plug the laptop to the outlet with out the battery… would that be ok or do i have to have the battery in the laptop to convert the power so it can use it….

Thanks so much Julie. I unplugged it, took the battery out then held the power button down for a minute. CPU failures are hp pavilion dv9720us xp common. Hp pavilion dv9720us xp do not know what it could be.

RLDO – May 1, at THe last week before this hp pavilion dv9720us xp failure, I had a number of times hp pavilion dv9720us xp computer would be fine and suddenly a blue screen would flash and the computer would reboot before I could read it. Remove as many parts as you can: Could you please show me how to repair or at dv9720ys open the bottom cover?

Any help from someone would be great that has seen this before. Dior – Jun 10, at Great – it worked for me too! I tried with the mb alone and same thing.

If i boot in normal the blue screen.

Laptop screen blank when switched on [Solved]

Thanks again hopefully I can salvage what is left of my hd: What hp pavilion dv9720us xp damage the motherboard just like that on its hp pavilion dv9720us xp Check the display properties. Corey – Jun 7, at Okay my problem is that when the computer is plugged into the adapter and the computer is off, the battery LED blinks constantly a green light every second, no pauses. I went through all the steps but no avail. The amperage should be the same or higher.

Thanks for the tip.