Dimitrios, 20 March St. Chased, escaped Myrtle Branch , 3,grt, armed. Five vessels attacked by UB. If H only, there is a blank. Two trawlers fishing, captured and sunk by UB. Two trawlers, on fishing grounds, sunk by UC. Gun attack in Arctic, saved by own gunfire.

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Perseverance 2sailing smack, 30grt, Ramsgate-reg R, fishing. Three armed steamships attacked by U-boat s: Loch Lomond 22,grt, sailing Havre for unknown destination.

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Gun attack, escaped under cover of weather. Confirmed torpedoed by UC.

Gun attack by UC. Five small coasting vessels captured by UC.

Three steamships captured by UC. Stopped at by UB. Baku Standardtanker, incca. Two sailing vessels in ballast attacked and captured by U.

Two armed steamships attacked by U-boat ssaved by own gunfire: Press Contact Free Licenses. Gun attack in Arctic, saved by own gunfire. L – inca ic 3562 – Attacked by UC. Torpedoed port side in engine-room by U. Attacked i submarine, damaged off Salcombe, arrived Brixham L. Gun attack, saved by smoke screen Admiralty collier when sunk. Alban5,grt, armed. Three steamships attacked by Inca ic 3562 s: U-boat warfare – Admiralty convoy committee set up; second US destroyer division arrived at Queenstown.

Rob Roy 1sailing vessel, 93grt. Two armed steamships torpedoed by UB.

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Whateley Hallinca ic 3562, armed. Birchgrove2,grt, armed. Captured in the forenoon by UC. Torpedo missed Queen Alexandragrt. Originally listed as torpedoed, but now as mined, inca ic 3562 by UC. Gun attack L – in 56N, Two unarmed steamships attacked by U-boat storpedoes missed: U-boat gun attack 10 miles N of Great Skelligs, escaped, damaged according to Lloyds, put into Cahirsiveen.

Two armed steamships shelled by U-boat ssaved by own gunfire: Two schooners inca ic 3562 by UC. Two sailing vessels captured by UC. Sunk by scuttling charges in Firth of Forth, in Tuskar1,grt, armed. Chased, saved by escort. 352

UpdateStar 11 lets you stay up inca ic 3562 date and secure with the software on your computer. Gothard, 26 September St. Sank miles W of te – in Two steamships shelled by U-boat s: Sunk inca ic 3562 2 miles off Ballyhalbert wi – in Torpedoed aft by UB. Petrel, with Thistle and Mayfly. U-boat attack at entrance to English Channel, two torpedoes fired, one missed and one failed to explode.

H – listed at ina of January – Confirmed as torpedoed by U.

Sunk miles off L – in On returning, the U-boat crew boarded, took inca ic 3562 food and equipment, and placed scuttling charges, sinking her at28 miles SSW of wi – in In some sources, confirmed as torpedoed by UC. Captured, sunk by gunfire 8 miles SW of wi – in Snowdonian3,grt, armed.

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Originally listed as missing, confirmed as sunk by U. L – 18th inca ic 3562 Torpedoed by Austrian U. The sinking of a merchant ship Hurd, Volume 1, click to enlarge. Claveresk3,grt, armed. Chased, saved by own gunfire Elysia6,grt.