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Is it possible to paste two sony dvd rw dw q28a together with mkisofs? All I get is: Any help please, I’m so close. Is there any way that I can workaround this problem? When install Ubuntu appears error that warning of not kernel in APT sources. Am I missing something here. Is there a previous version of this file available which includes the binary? I am trying to create a bootable CD. Hi Ross and community, Ross, thanks for making these tools available for Windows. Ross, thanks for making these tools available for Windows.

Searching Google for “cdrtools mingw patch”the first hit is http: Otherwise – Is it possible to paste two images together with mkisofs?

Thank you for offering the Windows binaries for download. There is nothing stopping you from including other filesystems on a CD, that allow lower case sony dvd rw dw q28a, which I believe include all of the other filesystems: Date – newest first Date – oldest first. I took a look at the patch.

This corrupted all of the.

mkisofs and cdrecord for Windows (Cygwin) (Updated binaries) | 01

There is one problem I am not sure how to work around and I was hoping sony dvd rw dw q28a would be able to help. Unfortunately the code version they were compiled from doesn’t support DVD burning: I didn’t want to burden this post with a long LOG from the program.

I’m using mkisofs from cdrtools-latest. Search Search this site: Can you upload the unpacked patch? I have not tested this version.

I just posted corrected binaries.

mkisofs and cdrecord 2.01 for Windows (Cygwin) (Updated binaries)

sony dvd rw dw q28a Hi, I’m using “mkisofs 2. The binaries are great. Here is the link to my latest post on the matter. Who’s new dinh berne Praider darmstrong janets. The binaries are available as cdrtools-latest-dvdpatch. Can you lead me to correct the problems?

Anybody here who knows how the options file is working on XP based mashines? Thanks for the notice, Ross.

Invalid node – “My Test”:. Navigation Recent posts Feed aggregator. Or the option flags are not correct?

I did other tests with option nolimit-pathtable but error is still present. Or is the version of mkisofs to be updated? It seems that the changes from diff are already sony dvd rw dw q28a to version 2. I tried to do this by tar with Cygwin and Mingw32 – it hangs. Sorry for the inconvience. Well, we know it can be done, as we have the binaries to prove it. Comment viewing options Flat list – collapsed Flat list – expanded Threaded list – collapsed Threaded list – expanded.

The syntax will be the same no matter what version of Windows you use. I cannot unpack it for some reason on my Sony dvd rw dw q28a. So far so good. Do you know how the author managed to compile them? Your car is great thing without any doubt.

When install Ubuntu appears erorr that warning of not kernel in APT sources. The option flag command line of mkisofs is: This patch is based on Bart Lagerweij ‘s cdrtools