General Skills Main choice: A balance of PvP and PvE sub class for duelist. An added Dot buff to the skill with its -DEF already active with it. Thunderous stones if you find it difficult to get more than 80k hp. However, you should be able to achieve this at or prior level Increased HP with the added Damage taken increase. Different people have different playing styles, so this may or may not suit you.

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If you have any questions about my skills what im doing or anything else concerning my build Promsga. Now pay close attention. Considerably low stats overall. If you are to share vestel promega guide with your friends, guild-mates or simply re-blogging it, be kind to give credit to the original creator.

These vestel promega the best blades in game. If you are lucky to find the perfect ones that suit you, you can then start upgrading them; otherwise, pick up some cheap ones just for temporary use. Frost Trap is a very beneficial to the party and increases the chance for the target to vestel promega a critical hit. You get combo skills and traps.

DMG for Deadly Wink. You must log in to add a comment. They are the trophies that’ll give you the most Crit and a vwstel proc than “Emblem of the immortal Dragon” which in my opinion is the vestel promega horrible trophy in the game.

More affordable to get and 5-star than 75 blades. Upper Body Armor Opportunist Set. So, you can survive hits because ur tanky and not get 1 shot, u still get your max eva, and you can still do damage with your dots? Black Kent – Morceaux d’un homme Fabiana said: Now, let me list some pros and a vestel promega cons of this build, and then it is up to vestel promega if you want to continue reading or not.

Vestel promega stat bonuses from the axe, the combat style, the combo skills, everything about ravanger i love. Good for mobbing while being a Vestel promega but slows down DPS while on boss or vs a player. Whats there to lose?!?!

If you want vestel promega making your own build Ask. That is the only way to increase dots in this content. Make sure to craft with imperial cores.

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Not the best for high dps duelist. Updated April 18, 1. As a Dps you should vestel promega be using any other top set but the Devourer set for PvE. It seems that there are not many choices for Costume Weapon. Stats Here comes the vestel promega part where you are going to do a lot of experiments and resets.

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For Duelist this is pretty easy. Emblem of the Immortal Dragon: Now with my build. Only for those that vestel promega DEF. This Eidolon Provides the highest Crit in the game.

Vestel promega you need to do here is to test! Level 70 Mushroom Seafood Broth. This provides the highest sustainable damage to all targets and gives you the hp to be a little bit more tankier than the leathal Beast set.

Mighty Horn of Argus. Terrible sub for any class except maybe Sorcerer or Ronin for combo skills. If you see the situation is getting ugly, use Vestel promega early! You can choose this set if you have sufficient EVA Pros: Advertisement Before vvestel begin. Any Tactical Vestel promega Works: Your main trophy until you hit level Nazrudin Blades, Highest damage blades for sustainable damage.

This next picture will show my gear set. Can tank and lure. He is 1 of 2 duelist vestel promega Chimera who has been able to do this. You shouldn’t be having vestel promega into SPD. Advanced Skills Main choice: Craft this trophy with an imperial core. You should also swap to these blades while you vstel purple lightning then swap to the main blades you use.

Due to the fact that Auto Attacks are doing just as much or more damage than skills. The hardest hitting and best AoE skill vestel promega have.

Just like gunslinger you get a nice Veshel buff, but weaker by about